Last mile delivery for successful e-Commerce

Today I want to speak about the last mile delivery in e-commerce, especially small and midsized e-commerce companies.

What is the “last mile” in logistics? —it is that small portion of transit from the final delivery centre (your shop, warehouse) to the customer’s door. It is a crucial part of the whole e-Commerce strategy and we shouldn´t save on it, as mistakes can by very costly.

We can have an excellent offer, competitive prices, good traffic and descent conversation rate. We can work fast and efficient to make sure the order leave the warehouse in the minimum possible timing and then comes the last and I would say one of the most important parts in the whole strategy – the final journey from our warehouse to clients’ door. And if we mess up with this, the rest really looses the importance.

The qualitative and fast last mile delivery is a key of customers’ satisfaction, one of the main factors to raise the trust and confidence in our company. Choose wisely.

Some questions to answer before choosing a partner in logistics:

  • How many orders we plan to serve daily?
  • Do we want to send daily?
  • Do we plan to send nationally, internationally?
  • Do our products need special shipping requirements?
  • Are our products of the high value? Do we need insurance?
  • Do we want to offer an urgent delivery?

Once we are clear what we actually need we have to start browsing the right partner. How to choose the right partners. What you should look at and how to know they will be the right ones – in one of my next posts.

last mile delivery in ecommerce





Traditional commerce vs eCommerce: pros & cons

It´s majesty eCommerce seems to be the key of today’s business world. Everyone will agree that it has made a revolution allowing entering the business world nearly everyone who has a good skill-set, ability to learn continuously, change and adapt quickly, motivation and patience. I am one of those who totally agree that eCommerce and online world in general opens many doors and the entry price is really low. Well, actually, depends..

After careful consideration the pros and cons of opening a traditional commerce vs. an e-commerce are similar. The big pro of eCommerce undoubtedly is the initial investment – especially financial. You don´t need a physical place for selling your products or attending your clients. Probably you even don´t need employees, at least in the initial phase.

Some would say it is less risky. This is something I don´t really agree. In online world we have only one choice, and I am serious about that. The opportunity of reaching wide audience in a short time comes with great responsibilities. Every success as well as mistake we might commit can be widespread very fast. And it can be our success or our failure. Of course we can start over, rebrand and try again, and we should.

To sum up I want to share the following pros & cons of traditional commerce vs eCommerce.Traditional commerce vs eCommerce pros and cons

eShow Madrid 2014 – recap

eShow Madrid 2014eShow Madrid- the must for every professional of eCommerce and Digital Marketing. eShow gathers the main players of digital business, offers a wide variety of seminars, presentations, workshops and other activities which let´s you be up to date with the latest in the industry.

I was happy to see so many great initiatives and inspiring presentations, especially the ones of NET Fashion Forum. My personal opinion is that the eCommerce is a must for surving in the present economical situation, but we have to careful with this powerful tool.

The key of successful digital strategy is a capacity to offer a truly personalized user experience and to be able offering what your customers is looking for.